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Intern review 🥰
  • " 😍 HOD’s internship gave me confidence on the back-end’s expertise. This is such a big growth for me since I have to work for customers, not just a graded project anymore. I quite pressured myself but I always got good support from the team. Thank you for having me! "
    prew #backend
  • " Training here was fun and challenging! I got many experiences and friends during the internship. I have developed myself and learned to adapt to others. 😚 "

    bobi #UXUI
    CPE, TU
  • " First of all, I have to thank you for this great opportunity for me.😊 This internship is so full of favor. I have real-life work experience, knowing how to handle on-time delivery and working on a team. So happy to be here! "

    mild #BA
  • " Interning at HOD, I have gained new knowledge I've never learned before and valuable real-world experience. Plus, the people at HOD, both in the team and among the colleagues, are very supportive and give great advice. "

    rungnok #frontend
  • " My internship improved my skills in logic, coding, and real project experience. The supportive colleagues made the work environment stress-free. HOD makes me feel that the daily allowance is just an extra because what I gained is far more valuable. "
    au #backend
    CPE, CU
  • " I'm so glad I got to intern at HOD. I've gained experience in various tasks beyond just accounting. I see all of this as a chance for growth. Everyone here, my colleagues and peers, is so kind. "

    boss #accounting
    B.B.A., RMUTK
  • " HOD's internship lets me experience real-life work, especially in UX/UI design. I have improved my communication skills not only with the team but also with the customers. "

    bam #UXUI
  • " I'm really happy I got to intern at HOD. The senior dev team was so supportive, easy to talk to, and always gave me great advice. I learned a lot of useful stuff I surely use later in the future. "

    mix #frontend
    CPE, KU
  • " I have gained knowledges related to my field, various experiences and ideas. Every day at work is like a daily adventure. I've met friends who make this experience both enjoyable and a bit challenging. My internship at HOD was a moment I will never forget. "
    panta #marketing
    BBA (Digital Marketing), BU
  • " The environment at HOD is quite refreshing. It doesn't drain me when working with colleagues. Everyone here is very supportive and friendly. I've developed many skills, and meeting real clients has shown me that what I've learned here applies to real situations. "
    pleng #tester
  • " The work environment at HOD is so friendly! everyone is so kind and supportive. I had the chance to work on a project for a real client, and it greatly enhanced my skills. "

    oily #BA
    BBA, CU
  • " Working here I really gain a lot of experiences. I don’t know how, but HOD always has free delicious food to eat. Actually, I gained both knowledge and weight. So crazy! "

    palm #fullstack
    SIIT, TU
  • " Working with the real project and collaborating with colleagues have gain me new real work experience. It was fun, challenge, and develop my skill a lot. "

    Aomsin #UX/UI
    ICT, MU
  • " Always work with challenging tasks and found new experiences. Seniors and friends are also very kind. Working here is fantastic! "

    Matang #Marketing

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Chonthicha Phankwan
" If you like challenging tasks, ready for changes and love enjoyment, House of Dev Technology is a place where you can challenge your skills with a variety of tasks that are not tedious and full of exciting stories. We need people who are ready to accept any changes and have the determination, intention and commitment. To strengthen the team with talent and a positive attitude which the team can succeed together. Work with me, hang out with us. 🥂 "

Chonthicha Phankwan - CEO

Phoom Chokrasamesiri
" We focus on working to deliver high quality results in a limited amount of time, to achieve a life balance. We believe that the work’s efficiency is more important than the unqualified hard work. Thus, we find and select the one who has high potential, talented, take work seriously and can cope with pressure. 💻 "
Phoom Chokrasamesiri - CTO