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HOD MarTech Solution for Meiji Bulgaria

Today, Martech Solution by House of Dev Technology, managed the Interactive Board system for the Meiji Bulgaria Healtyverse event, celebrating Meiji Bulgaria's 10th anniversary. The event took place at Central World, Central Court Zone.

Our Interactive Board system provided by Martech Solution by House of Dev Technology, contributed to making this Meiji Bulgaria engagement event even more enjoyable and interactive. Our team installed the Interactive Board, which consists of five TV screen panels. This setup allowed participants to answer questions in a fun and engaging manner to assess their digestive health. Participants could instantly scan a QR code to receive more information about their digestive health after finishing all the questions.

📍 For those who are interested in trying this easy health assessment, you can visit the Meiji Enriched Lifestyle booth at the Meiji Bulgaria HealtyVerse event. Everyone is invited to step into a world of happiness and good health, full of joy. If you can't make it today, there's another chance tomorrow, so don't miss it! 💙.

Martech Solution by House of Dev Technology provides comprehensive services, from consultation and design to complete system setup, along with on-site customer support throughout the event. Additionally, we offer a reporting system summarizing participant engagement throughout the event.

For those interested in the Interactive Board, feel free to contact us on our social media or call: 02-096-2959